3 MG’s Get Upgrades/ Tune Ups

In Early 2020 MGOC Spares very own Martin Bentley spent a bit of time working on his very own three MGs. Pictured above are his MGB GT V8 1973, MGA 1955 & MG TC 1949. Scroll through to see some of the work he did.

Pictured here is a newly fitted engine water temperature sensor in the MGTC.

Relating to the image above, this picture shows the MGTC mounting point below the engine thermostat, connected to a water temperature gauge.

This provides more accurate engine coolant temperature information.

Here we have pictured the MGA that was fitted with an electric radiator fan and control thermostat!

Last but not least, here we have pictured the MGB GT V8 which is sparkling from a 12,000-mile service, oil change, Plus, K&N filters, hoses & flame traps!

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