A Lifetime of MG Ownership

MGOC Spares & Workshop customer Richard Doubleday has been kind enough to share some great photographs and snippets of his life owning MGs up until today. Enjoy!

My first MG – The Midget!

My Girlfriend (Pam) Kept me company!

… Mum made me put the roll bar in – She thought I would tip it over… 😂

My first GT

What a fabulous car. As you can see I fitted a tow bar and had great fun towing a boat up in the lake district.

This is probably the best MG I ever had – never let me down.

GT Restoration in progress...

This is how bad it looked as restoration commenced.

Working on getting her going… Admiring daughter – Ellie – looking on.

And this was the moment of truth – when dad got the engine running.

Fully Restored GT

"Winnie" My Current MG

This is “Winnie” – being driven by my wife Melanie. (She looks happy because I told her it was a present for her…)

I may have lied…😉

Work that's been done to Winnie""

And here she is now...

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