11 - Rear Suspension Panhard Rod Conversion H155

The Club Rear Panhard Rod stops the inherent sloppiness of operation found on leaf sprung rear axles, minimising the tendency for side loading of the spring bushes during cornering without compromising the overall handling characteristics of the MGB. Our unique ball jointed design removes the harshness of operation offering unrivalled driver comfort, where other panhard rod designs often enhance drivability, at the expense of driver comfort.

Fitting our Panhard rod to the rear axle of an MG provides more control over the lateral movement of the axle under cornering. Giving better and more consistent handling and enhances the overall ride.

Further benefits include the ability for owners to experiment with wider tyres without the risk of fouling the rear wheel arch. Suitable for MGB, MGBV8, MGC, MGRV8, the Club Rear Panhard Rod is available for both Banjo & Salisbury axles.

Suitable for Cars up to 1976; further parts will be required for fitment to rubber bumper and 1976 onwards vehicles, please call for more information.

Kit supplied complete with replacement U Bolts, fasteners, polyurethane pads and bushes