1 - Wiring Harness - Main - (1 Req)

Over 200 different variations of main wiring harness (what used to be known as the wiring 'loom') have been fitted to MGFs and MG TFs built between 1995 and 2005. Like most more modern cars, amost every system is controlled either electrically or electronically - so every major change or option demands a new harness. Unsurprisingly, MGOC Spares do not stock all the different harnesses, but believe it or not the majority are, at time of writing (late 2008), still available from the MG Rover parts department. If you supply us with all the necessary information about your car, we will ascertain whether the relevant main harness is still available and provide you with a Following this, if you decide to place an order, we will order the harness in for you.quote.