One MGF's Harrowing Journey

MGOC Spares Fan David Whitney has been prettying the streets of Spain with his British Native-born 1996 MGF in British Racing Green (with only 20k on the clock!). Here he has been kind enough to share his story of its journey to Mallorca, where it now calls home.

I live on Mallorca and brought the car in November 2019 in the UK. To get it here I set off on my journey with a planned route of driving it through Spain to Mallorca via the ferry from Barcelona. 
En route to Barcelona, there was a lot of uphill climbs and traffic jams with starting and stopping for miles, in rather high temperatures! So perhaps on reflection, unsurprisingly, as I was driving onto the ferry, I lost clutch function, so no gears! Yet, despite the hiccup, somehow managed to get onto the ferry. . 
With some mental planning I then luckily got off the ferry by jump-starting in third gear and managed to drive the 60 kilometres to Palma without stopping (I knew if I did stop there was no way I’d start it again!). I parked up at the petrol station near to where my good friend lives who had the spare keys to my everyday car. We arranged a truck to take it to a garage near my house (some 50 km away!) and ordered the parts from MGOC Spares (it was the master cylinder in the end). We were able to get it on the road, but it took some weeks longer than expected. 
Then, just before I was due to collect my car, I got a phone call from the garage informing me that a lady had driven into the driver’s side of my car – badly damaging the door and wing as well as bending the sill. Great! I thought. So, an insurance claim! I phoned up my insurers and was told I should write it off, but I argued the point, I was not going to get this far and just give up… Fortunately other insurers agreed, and I began to arrange its repair (again). Luckily there is a good bodywork garage near to the mechanic’s garage, so I drove it there and ordered a replacement door from the UK. After 2 months it was ready, and the door and wing were re-sprayed! As the day of collection came in to view, Covid strikes, so I was told that I could not go and collect her until June of last year.


What a story! But I love my MGF and am rather unique as there are not many on the island of Mallorca. It was a challenging time which continues now as I try and move forward to change the registration plates into Spanish, (I need to get an engineer’s report first to confirm that car meets EU regulations) notwithstanding that it was sold in the EU!!!! I say no more…


Included here are photos of the trip itself, of the later damage to the driver’s door, and then the MG after it was repaired and back on the road. Additionally, are shots showing the car parked in a little town square all repaired and drivers side all sprayed nicely, (luckily found a good door in the UK and the garage managed to repair the wing damage and sill damage very well indeed!). And lastly starring my adopted street kitten named Lunar found in my garden, who enjoys the MGF’s comfy interior!!! How he got into my garden remains a mystery (as it has high walls and really no way in…). The car looks great now and I am looking forward to sunny days to have the roof down as usual.”

What a harrowing story! Thank you so much to David for sharing, we’re so pleased a few of our parts have contributed to getting her back on the road!

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