Some Coats Of Paint

"Bolted A Few Bits On..." -Ian

UPDATE: Progress Continues...

UPDATE: Tail Light Rubber Seals

I’ve now made rubber seals for rear lights as they’re unavailable to buy”…
Note: We do actually have these for purchase under item number : AHH5918 ( Gasket – Plinth to Body ) 

UPDATE: New Trailer lights

MGA Luggage Trailer Modification

One of our customers has shared a project he has been working on –

Making an MGA Trailer to match his car! He has provided us with such thorough visual documentation, we thought it would be a shame not to share it with the rest of our customers, maybe it will even inspire you to do the same!

If you have a project/restoration/installation you have done on your own MG and have some pictures to boot, we would love to shine a spotlight on you too.

Just email us at:

I've decided to drive this lovely MGA instead of towing it, and why not have a matching MGA trailer for luggage and a few spare parts for trips out to Spain?? Would be a great holiday in her (We call our 1960 1600 MGA mk1 Jenny - and now the trailer is called Norman - as my sister Jenny is married to a Norman I think it only fitting to use this name when marrying the trailer up to MGA) I've still got lots of parts to get but I'm having lots of fun building and locating all the right bits or, as you can see, even making them by hand.

- Ian

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