‘Nominate an NHS Hero’ was an initiative we did to reward the exceptional individuals of the NHS through the Covid 19 pandemic. Each awardee, nominated by you, was given £80 worth of vouchers to Starbucks, Deliveroo & Boots.

Our NHS Hero Awardees

Becca Moreau

Becca Moreau

Becca is Senior Nurse at The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton. As well as doing an outstanding and difficult job looking after seriously ill children throughout the pandemic, she was also the first to volunteer to help out in adult ICU when the pressure on staffing at the adult hospital next door became too much.

Nicola Vernon

Nicola Vernon

Nicola is a sister on the high dependency unit at Northern General Hospital looking after COVID-19 patients, in full PPE during her 12-hour shifts. On top of that, Nicola has had to face her own profound loss during COVID-19, somehow managing to go back to work to care for these critically ill patients.

Zahira Mahmood

Zahira Mahmood

Based in Burton-on-Trent Zahira has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic as a staff nurse supporting patients needing respiratory and cardiac support, despite her concerns about getting the virus and the potential impact this could have on her health. Unfortunately, Zahira did end up contracting Covid-19 but after recovery returned to work with a brave face compelled in her duty towards her patients.

Zahira was also a crutch to her close friend and nominator Haniyyah, who was also working on COVID wards in a different hospital. Although they were unable to meet up, Zahira would make an effort to call her friend regularly to check-in & sent messages of support almost daily. Haniyyah told us that it was this contact & support from someone going through similar trials that helped her get through the tough days on the ward.

Fiona Murphy

Fiona is the director of end of life care at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust.

This is what her nominator had to say: “Fiona is an inspiration, always so hardworking and positive. She has had to deal with the deaths of colleagues from COVID 19 on top of her job supporting the families of patients whose relatives had died from other causes. She created the Swan Model that promotes dignity, respect and compassion at the end of life. She is so passionate about her job and will do anything to help others. She provides amazing bereavement care, which she did during the Manchester arena bombing by supporting families during those difficult times. And most recently Fiona has spent time vaccinating people against Covid-19. She’s behind the scenes but is at the heart of every death, not something just anybody could handle! She’s my partner’s mother and here they are together at work. He is also a critical care nurse! “

DOSA 9 Team

Our previous weeks Awardee Fiona Murphy (Above) asked for her vouchers to be passed on so we selected The DOSA 9 team of Gland Clwyd hospital Bodelwyddan Denbighshire.
Here is a team of gastro nurses who have completely changed especially to become respiratory nurses literally overnight. They are caring for critically ill CPAP patients wearing level 2 PPE for long periods. It’s been really challenging and tough. Many teams would have been broken by this but they have literally stepped up and provided safe competent care. The support they have given to each other has made them an even stronger team. 

Hayley Gorman

Hayley has worked as a Health Care Assistant on the respiratory ward at Southend University Hospital in Essex over the past few years, where she always works so hard. But the pandemic has given her extra challenges; now working on the Covid 19 Ward– working longer hours, on her feet with the emotional challenge of being the hand her patients hold when their families cannot be with them.

In the words of her nominator and sister Keeley:
“Haley’s amazing! In addition to looking after her own little family & despite the emotional & physical toll the pandemic has played, she has stayed strong! I would love her to know how valued and appreciated she is!”

Shirley Pringle

Shirley is a Research Matron at The Liverpool Head and Neck Centre working on Covid 19 as well as being a Nurse Advisor for CRUK.

In her daughter’s words:
“I would like to nominate my mum Shirley Pringle. She is a research matron working on COVID 19 studies – putting herself at risk to find treatments for this awful virus and I am so proud of her. She was having to self-isolate from us and my dad and it was so difficult when she came home upset and we couldn’t even give her a hug… She has dedicated 27 years of her life to the NHS and is amazing! Her normal role is as a cancer research nurse and she has continued to look after these patients throughout the pandemic at the same time, giving them the much-needed support, advice and care that they need and deserve. She absolutely loves her job and has really gone the extra mile for others and deserves a treat, she is #myNHSHERO!”

Karen Kerr

Karen is a Charge Nurse at Glasgow Royal Infirmary A&E Department.

Karen defines the term ‘Above & Beyond’ with everything that she does. Throughout the pandemic she has completed an emergency nurse practitioner qualification, home-schooled 2 children all while working 12-hour shifts in full PPE, nursing patients whose families could not be with them. In addition, Karen leads a well-being team to help keep up the morale of her colleagues – arranging a relax room with gifts & foods as well as running a tuck shop and monthly lotto competition! Amazing on its own, but she continues helping others after work, looking after her in-laws, and after all that, she would sometimes even go home to an empty house so as to protect her own family.

Justine Downey

Justine is a Health Care Worker on the Dementia/Covid Ward in Neath Port Talbot Hospital, Wales.

Justine balances her normal day to day work with putting in extra shifts, staying dedicated at home to her family while also studying for her Nursing Degree. Despite having contracted Covid 19 Twice she still pushes on for the benefit of us all

We hope our small gesture has boosted those awarded and inspired others to make their own contribution.

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