How To Enter

Please email the following information to webmaster@mgocspares.co.uk

  • Your Name
  • Nominees name
  • Nominees Job Title
  • Nominees Place of Residence
  • A brief explanation as to why you are nominating them/ why you believe that they are deserving of the award/ your relationship to the nominee
  • Nominees E-Mail Address
  • Photo of the Nominee, if possible.

⬇️ Please note that by entering you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out below. ⬇️

Terms and conditions

MGOC Spares ‘Nominate an NHS Hero’

MGOC Spares is operating the awards on the basis of the following rules:

  1. The award is open to anyone who emails in their nomination to webmaster@mgocspares.co.uk between 1st February 2021 and 1st April 2021. There is no other route of entry.
  2. Nominations must include the full name & Physical address of the nominee as well as a photo of them (if possible) their email address and a brief description of why you are nominating them.
  3. Nominees should be employed by the NHS, or be a front line worker.
  4. The person nominating and the person nominated must both agree to have their names published on the MGOC Spares website and associated social media with a summary of what they were awarded for. It may also be used in other MGOC Spares related media.
  5. The vouchers awarded are at the discretion of the judging panel and MGOC Spares reserves the right to substitute items listed if need be.
  6. The voucher prize has a maximum of £80.00 value for each successful nominee, no substitutions will be made available.
  7. Vouchers will include
    1. £25 e-Voucher to Starbucks or Costa Coffee
    2. £30 e-Voucher to Deliveroo or Just Eat
    3. £25 Physical Voucher to Boots Pharmacy.
  8. There will be A MINIMUM OF 5 winning entries in total across A MINIMUM OF 5 weeks of the competition.
  9. All correct and eligible entries received before their closing dates will be entered for consideration
  10. The successful nominees will be selected by the judging panel every Friday for A MINIMUM OF 5 weeks. Once selected their nominator will be informed by email, and soon after the nominee.
  11. If any of the successful nominees do not confirm acceptance of the prize within 30 days, or if it is found that a winner is ineligible, then the winner will be considered to have forfeited the prize and MGOC Spares will be entitled to contact the judge’s reserve choice. 
  12. The judging panel reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend the competition as deemed necessary.
  13. MGOC Spares Ltd will not be liable in any way if an entrant enters the competition unlawfully and such entrants will be considered to be ineligible.
  14. These rules and the operation of the awards are governed by the laws of England.
  15. The competition may be extended in line with lockdown, and at MGOC Spares absolute Discretion.

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