Roger Parker

An MG Enthusiast in his own right!

Roger Parker has offered the MG Owners Club Technical Support for many years and is a valued member of the team. Courtesy of The MG Owners Club, Roger has been featured in the club magazine with his MGs from 1960s-2010s which you can read below. 

Brief Interview

What/when/how/why purchased:
I bought my MGB in August 1973, just before the Arab/Israeli Yom Kippur war when I could afford to fill the car up with 5-star fuel that it responded to very well. After that war and the doubling of petrol prices the 5-star treatment was now once every few months…

Most memorable MGB moment/ anecdote:
Having an MG production car made that followed what I had created with my own car.

What you enjoy most about the car?:
My MGB is literally a permanent attachment and close family member that delivers pleasure whether I can drive it of just fiddle. After nearly fifty years it is a pure toy.

What’s 1 upgrade from MGOC Spares Accessories range would you like to fit?:

Many of the MGOC Spares products have their roots in modifications I have created for my car, for example the MGB four pot (4 piston) vented disc conversion, that I developed for my car in 1991, but perhaps one change I have not made and which now I am about to turn 70 would add power steering.

Article One of Two: 1960s-1980s

Article Two of Two: 1990s-2010s

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