What’s this in my MGBs boot?

Owner question: My ‘70 GT has this clamped-off hose in the rear right hand corner of the boot, next to the harness. Any info would be most appreciated.

MGOC Spares reply: The original SU fuel pumps on MGBs (part number AZX1307) use this breather hose to balance the internal rubber diaphragm within the pump to prevent lock out caused by vacuum. Sometimes this washer tubing is missing or blocked or the owner hasn’t connected it to the 90 degree elbow on the rear of the pump in which case the pump can stop working. Aftermarket pumps from HARDI (stocked under part number AZX1307Q) look nearly identical to the su pump, do not require the tube as they’re designed to be self balancing, have solid state internals for timing and are cheaper!
See www.mgocspares.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.cgi?WD=azx1307q&PN=MGOC_SPARES_PUMP__MGB__26%2ehtml#a1308W_2dAZX1307Q

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