Why doesn’t my MGTF handbrake work?

I drive a 2005 model year British Racing Green MGTF as my daily driver to work at MGOC. It’s a lot of fun putting a smile on my face especially in the summer when the hood’s down!
This year after 4 years being parked up on my steeply inclined 20% gradient driveway the handbrake function was non-existent. The rear brake calipers incorporate an internal mechanical actuator to apply the caliper piston when operating the handbrake. The mechanism can be clearly seen (highlighted within the red ring).

As the calipers are exposed to muck and moisture the mechanism corrodes over time to the extent that the internal actuator is unable to give a good mechanical ‘bite’ on the handbrake. No amount of handbrake adjustment would cure the problem and a previous clean and liberal spray penetrating oil only gave temporary, short lived fix of a few weeks. Despite there being some service items available parts for the caliper’s handbrake mechanism are not available. For a time only re inditioned units were available. Earlier this year I was pleased to be a guinea pig for a pair of replacement rear calipers which CURED the problem and has since given reliable hold.
MGOC Spares are pleased to offer BRAND NEW outright replacement rear brake calipers suitable for both MGF & MGTF from stock under part numbers SMC000460 and SMC000470
See www.mgocspares.co.uk/cgi-bin/sh000001.cgi?WD=smc000460&PN=MGOC_SPARES_REAR__MGF_TF__495%2ehtml#a19822W_2dSMC000460

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