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Front suspension

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MGB Evolution 3

 The ultimate front suspension upgrade incorporating modern suspension design and technology; featuring:

Double wishbone, independent coil and damper set-up; unique top and bottom ball jointed axles, adjustable for both camber and castor.

Our design allows for smooth and efficient damper operation, providing increased tyre to road contact, precise steering control, handling without harshness and enhanced driver feedback. Vastly reduced stiction, maintenance free and increased service life, whilst offering full compatibility with all standard and upgraded MGB steering and braking components.  

Following on from the original configuration and later RV8s second generation design; the MGB Evolution 3 takes the MGB front suspension to its logical conclusion.

Suitable for chrome and rubber bumper MGB, GT and V8 models

MGB Evolution 3 Front Suspension H430

MGB Evolution 3 Front Suspension H430

  • A pair of quality adjustable Gaz dampers
  • Upper & lower damper mounting brackets
  • Upper & lower wishbone arms
  • Stub axle bodies fitted with top & bottom ball joints
  • Bump stop pedestals
  • Spring pans
  • Polyurethane bushes
  • Coil springs to suit
  • Fixings and detailed step-by-step instructions  

Replacement cross members available on exchange, front anti-roll bar links shown are not included.

Kits contain Gaz Adjustable Telescopic Dampers as standard, Koni adjustable dampers are available at additional cost.

Price: 1,440.00 / 1,656.00 / US $1,596.00 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)

ARB Drop Link Kit 3/4 H161

ARB Drop Link Kit 3/4 H161

  Front Anti Roll Bar Link Kit for MGBs.
Developed by the same accredited suspension specialist behind the acclaimed MGB Evo 3, Club Panhard Rod and new MGC Ball Jointed Suspension, this latest development to join the suspension 'A' List, incorporates modern design and components, optimising fast road handling.
This exclusive kit offers three key features:

Reduced Stiction
The original enclosed rubber bush design lacks lubricity, requiring considerable force from the MGBs front suspension to overcome resistance. Modern ball joints offer much less surface friction allowing for smoother multi-directional movement.

Increased Anti Roll Bar Efficiency
Ball Jointed Anti Roll Bar Links offer greater responsiveness enhancing anti-roll bar function through cornering.

Ball Jointed Anti Roll Bar Links are proven to last longer.

Kits comprise a pair of Ball Jointed ARB drop links, 3/4 Anti Roll Bar Collars, Cone Nuts, Schnoor Washers, C Spanner and fitting instructions. Suitable for standard MGB or uprated EVO 3 front suspension

Price: 74.95 / 86.19 / US $83.07 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)

Midget Ball Jointed ARB link kit H160

Midget Ball Jointed ARB link kit H160


Designed to reduce 'stiction' and increase roll bar efficiency and responsiveness ball jointed anti roll bar links are smoother, quieter and longer lasting compared to rose jointed link sway bars.

Recommended for use with uprated 11/16" anti roll bars for additional improvements in front end handling

Price: 59.95 / 68.94 / US $66.45 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)

Coil Over MGB Conversion H003

Coil Over MGB Conversion H003

 Coil-over front suspension sysstem using high grade tubular wishbones with customisable GAZ coil-over dampers. Professionally engineered tubular wishbones fully adjustable for castor and camber. (Modified crossmember available on exchange).

Price: 1,095.00 / 1,259.25 / US $1,213.63 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)




Following extensive development a comprehensive bolt on front axle kit is now available for MGC owners. Painstakingly developed to stay close to the original appearance, the kit represents a significant advancement over the original design.

Incorporating modern upper and lower ball joints in place of the conventional king pins ensures longevity, enhance driver feedback, reduce weighting up when cornering (stiction), whilst offering full camber and caster adjustability. This latest development for the model assures continued enjoyment well into the future.

Kit comprises of; a pair of ball jointed MGC stub axles, upper wishbone arms, Wishbone Pivot, Bump Stop, Bump Stop Spacer, Castor and Camber Shims, fixings and fitting Instructions.

Kits are supplied on a 1-4-1 basis and do not include lower arms or anti-roll bar links.

For more information please contact our technical sales team on +44 (0) 1954 230928

Image Note: Dampers and bushes available separately

Price: 945.00 / 1,086.75 / US $1,047.38 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)




MGOC Accessories is pleased to offer a ball jointed anti-roll bar link kit suitable for bolt-on fitment on standard and up-rated MGCs.

Designed to optimise fast road handling ball jointed anti-roll bar links provide increased roll bar efficiency and responsiveness during cornering, reduced surface friction for smoother multi-directional movement and increased longevity over the original design.

Kits comprise a pair of ARB links, ARB collars and UK engineered fixings, and fitting instructions.

Price: 84.95 / 97.69 / US $94.15 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)



 Cadmium plated and freon gas filled with very positive external adjustment through 32 settings. For MGB; C and V8 models.

Price: 269.95 / 310.44 / US $299.20 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)

Koni Front MGB Conversion

Koni Front MGB Conversion

 An excellent well proven modification for positive handling and smooth ride. Easy to fit and complete with all fittings and stainless braided brake lines.MGB; GT & V8

Price: 324.95 / 373.69 / US $360.15 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)

Spax Front MGB Conversion

Spax Front MGB Conversion

 On car 28 stage adjustment with no dismantling. Krypton gas pressurised dampers for better low speed ride quality and enhanced high speed performance. All brackets; pipes; fittings; hoses and instructions are included...

Price: 309.95 / 356.44 / US $343.53 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)

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