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Ensure optimal fuel performance and reliability in your MG Midget with our comprehensive range of fuel components. At MGOC Spares, we offer high-quality fuel system parts designed to meet the specific needs of your MG Midget. From fuel tanks and pumps to filters and hoses, our collection covers all aspects of your MG Midget's fuel system. MkII On the 10CC engine, a cast alloy inlet manifold was fitted allowing a Smith closed circuit crankcase breather system. Twin HS2 SU was retained from the MkI however, the metering needles were changed to type AN (normal), H6 (rich) and GG (weak). An electric SU fuel pump of type AUF216 replaced the AC mechanical pump with a flow rate of 56pt per hour at a pressure of 2.5-3.0lb/sq in. MkIII The 1275cc engine was slightly taller than the 1098cc so the air filter casings had to be bevelled to clear the bonnet. The issues with the diaphragm-controlled venting valve on the inlet manifold were resolved by feeding the venting pipe directly into each carburettor. 1500 Two 1 ½” HS4 SU carburettors were fitted. Essentially enlarged versions of that on the 1275cc engine. They were fitted onto a water-heated alloy inlet manifold. An AC Delco RA1 mechanical fuel pump mounted on the left-hand side of the cylinder block delivered fuel to the rear carburettor, and an outlet on the lid of the float chamber allow fuel to pass to the front carburettor.

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