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Enhance the comfort and style of your MG Midget's interior with our comprehensive range of interior components. At MGOC Spares, we offer high-quality interior parts designed to elevate your driving experience. From seats and carpets to dashboard trims and door panels, our collection covers all aspects of your MG Midget's interior. MkII Initially, the seats were carried from GAN2 in coverings of red and black or a light blue but a new seat with new colours was introduced according to model numbers. Both driver and passenger seats were adjustable without the need for wooden packing strips. All trim liner panels and carpeting were colour matched to the seats. The dashboard and cockpit trim were finished in black regardless of trim colour. MkIII At GAN4 The red seats were replaced to use all-black seats with horizontal fluting. The new seat had a very limited reclining mechanism operated by a chrome handle. From the GAN5 facelifted models, the seat covers had a heat-formed embossed ladder effect in the middle of the cushion and backrest. Seat and trim colours varied throughout production. Colours included Black, Autumn Leaf, Ochre, and Dark Navy. 1500 The interior of the 1500 remained mostly uncharged throughout production and retained many of its predecessors' styling. Inertia reel seat belts replace the static belts on home market cars from GAN6. New wrap-around headrests became standard from GAN6—192237. MG INTERIORS: Standard specification and Bespoke. Whether you require a Standard or Bespoke interior created to your own style and colour scheme, we have a vast range of options available. If you can't find what you are looking for, please email us: sales@mgocspares.co.uk or Tel: 00 44 (0)1954 230928

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