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Find the perfect engine components for your MG Midget at MGOC Spares. We offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality engine parts designed to meet the specific needs of MG Midget models. Whether you're in need of replacement parts for engine maintenance or seeking performance upgrades, our collection has you covered. MkII In order to improve the crankshaft rigidity issues of the 10CG engine, the main bearing diameter in the 10CC engine was enlarged to 50mm. Whilst retaining the same stroke and bore dimensions giving 1098cc, the power however rose to 59bhp at 5750rpm. This was achieved on a compression ratio of 8.9:1. MkIII Along with the Mini Cooper S 1275cc engine came profound excitement from Midget owners for what to expect from the Midget MkIII. However after a significant redesign of the Mini Cooper S engine which resulted in a lower output of 65bhp at 6000rpm as opposed to 75bhp to avoid cylinder head cracks and overall reliability. 1500 The A-Series engine had run its course due to the ever-stringent emission control regulations in North America. It became evident that the cost of developing an A-Series engine to accept unleaded fuel was not worthwhile. The Triumph Spitfire 1493cc engine of type PE94/J was introduced. The home market engine was rated at 65bhp at 5500rpm.

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