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4.0 Ltr V8 Engines

MGOC Spares is holding limited stocks of hard to find, cross-bolted, large main bearing 4.0Ltr V8 engines (part number G557STRIP), providing an ideal basis from which to build your very own performance MGBV8 conversion. Delivering excellent torque throughout the rev range with estimated power in excess of 200 Bhp. Remanufactured engines benefit from new camshafts, rocker assemblies, crankshaft liners, pistons, con-rods and chain sets. V8 engines are supplied outright with no exchange necessary priced at £5085, plus delivery. Supplied bare. Front timing cover, rocker covers, carburettor, manifold, ignition etc, available at additional cost.

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Factory Hoods with Header Rail

MGOC Spares & Accessories is pleased to offer replacement hoods manufactured in the UK by the original factory employees, supplied with pre-installed header rails. Offered in vinyl and now, Mohair for MGB. Supplied inclusive of header rail seal, retainer, and corner blocks pre-installed for straightforward DIY installation to achieve a factory appearance.


MGB Parabolic Springs

Parabolic springs are designed to offer precise stress distribution throughout their length, offering greatly improved ride comfort over conventional multi-leaf springs and enhanced handling from increased tyre to road contact. Suitable for use on standard, mild tuned MGBs, MGCs and factory V8s fitted with telescopic rear dampers, factory specification V8s and MGCs. Priced at only £225.00 a pair, what’s more purchase a pair of parabolic springs and you’ll receive a FREE polyurethane fitting kit comprising injection moulded polyurethane spring pads, bushes, U bolts and fixings worth £44.95.



MGTF Factory Soft Ride Suspension Kit

MGOC Spares is pleased to offer a brand new factory ‘soft ride’ damper kit from the original supplier, suitable for all MGTFs offered as an upgrade for earlier models priced at only £415 (part number H053). Kit comprises 4 x damper units inclusive of coil springs, lower damper bolts and upper damper bushes. 

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MGB Stainless Steel Bumpers

MGOC Spares is delighted to offer stainless-steel front & rear bumper sets inclusive of overriders for MGB/Cs, developed specifically to meet our exacting requirements with fit and finish paramount. Our highly polished bumpers are manufactured from type 304 austenitic stainless-steel for excellent durability and corrosion resistance, with a zinc primer finish on the reverse side. Supplied with stainless steel overriders, fixings and seal. MGOC Spares’ bumpers incorporate unique features and improvements that cannot be found elsewhere:

  • Jigged for an unrivalled fit.
  • Rigorous QC inspection.
  • Front bumper drilled for UK number plate.
  • Stainless-steel bumper bolts to the original design.
  • Long lasting, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • Environmentally sustainable manufacturing process.
  • Highly polished finish

Choose from a bumper set supplied with solid overriders (1962-1970) part number K505) or supplied with rubber pad overriders (1970on) part number K510. Priced at £794.95; please note sales are limited to one set per customer. When out of stock, please request restocking notification via our website.


Classic Fuel Tanks

Classic MG fuel tanks are susceptible to corroding from the inside out, due to condensate forming on the underside at the top of the tank which eventually eats through the pressing. If you can smell fuel in the cabin of your MGB, it’s likely that your petrol tank requires replacement. When storing your MG for prolonged periods the best way to protect your tank and your fuel delivery system from corrosion is to drain the fuel. Working with the manufacturer, MGOC Spares is pleased to offer a range of new high quality petrol tanks with removable drain plug, presented in a powder coated finish, with sender seal and fittings, as follows:



Classic Valvemaster Plus

Classic Valvemaster™Plus, provides 3 in 1 benefits, comprising valve seat additive to protect from wear caused by unleaded fuel, Etha-Guard to protect against the harmful and corrosive effects of ethanol and Octimise Plus, a friction modifier developed to reduce mechanical loss inside an engine, offering up to a 2% improvement in fuel economy and a 3% improvement in acceleration. Valvemaster™Plus (part number 1770) priced at £14.95 each or buy 6 or more at £12.46 each, equivalent to one free bottle!


Classic Mudflaps

Previously unavailable, MGOC Spares are pleased to stock universal mudflaps suitable for use on classic MGs, designed to protect your paintwork from stone chips, salt and road grime. Supplied in pairs, with vinyl printed motif and manufactured from flexible EPDM rubber. Easy to fit using supplied fixing screws (spire clips available separately). Priced at £15.95 a pair (part number F045)

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MGA, B, C & V8 Rear Telescopic Conversion Kit

Designed to even out bumpy road surfaces and offering greater control and stability over standard lever dampers, a Gaz rear telescopic damper conversion kit offers long lasting performance and comfort. Suitable for MGA, MGB, MGC & V8 models, kit comprises a pair of gas/oil filled Gaz dampers with twenty-point adjustment backed by a 2 year warranty, fitting brackets, fixings, and instructions. Offered under part number H052, priced at £194.95.

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