Midget Suspension & Steering

Suspension & Steering

MkII The front suspensions remain unchanged for the most part. The rear suspension had semi-elliptic leaf springs comprising 5 laminated leaves replacing the older quarter elliptic ones. Armstrong double-acting lever arm shock absorbers were fitted as per MKI. A new steering column was fitted with a self-cancelling indicator stalk along with a larger 15½” steering wheel. MkIII From 1968, North American safety regulations required cars for that market to be fitted with collapsible columns however, they weren’t introduced to the home market until October 1971. It was a much simpler edition of the American model but featured a steering lock as standard. From the introduction of the “facelifted” GAN5 versions, they had three spokes and a padded rim. There weren’t any major changes to the suspension until August 1973 when the optional anti-roll bar became standard for the home market. 1500 In 1976 the coil spring length was increased from 9.85” to 10.2”. This along with the modified cross member and stronger six-leaf rear springs further increased the ride height. No changes occurred to the rack and pinion unit or steering arms, although revised steering columns, both still of collapsible type, were introduced for both home and North American Midgets. From 1977, home market Midgets had the horn push moved to the indicator stalk but continued with a fixed boss.

Suspension & Steering
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