The 1950 MG TD (Midget) had many similarities with it's predecessors such as the 1250cc XPAG engine but had its place as one of the iconic T-Type MG's. Using independent suspension on the front axle from the MG Y-Type, motorists acknowledged the improved comfort whilst driving. Around 30,000 were manufactured and production ended in 1953 before the MG TF took the reigns. The MG TF was a slightly modernised version of the TD. Whilst retaining the TD MkII 1250cc XPAG engine, the compression ratio had been increased to 8:1:1 leading to an output of 57.5bhp at 5500rpm. Soon after in 1953 came the TF 1500. The engine capacity was increased to 1466cc and titled XPEG. In turn, the compression ratio was increased to 8:3:1 giving 63bhp and 5000rpm. Other than the mechanics, the only visible difference between the two models was the enamel nameplate on either side of the bonnet. Only 9602 were produced and production ended in 1955 before it was superseded by the MGA.

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