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Explore our Engine category for MGF & MG TF models, where power and performance meet. This section is a hub for all your engine needs, offering everything from gaskets and seals to complete engine units. Available from September 1995 with just the 1.8i 120ps (118bhp) K series 1.8 litre engine and five-speed manual PG1 series gearbox. Then in February 1996 a higher performance and better equipped VVC model arrived with the same basic engine but with a clever variable valve control (hence VVC) on the inlet valves. This raised power output by 25bhp and whilst this was mainly in the upper third of the rpm range the gearing was lowered by 10% to allow this model to be able to show a marked improvement in performance over the basic 1.8 engined model. Importantly there was in reality very little difference in fuel consumption with the VVC, except when using that extra power and fuel economy was already an MGF strong point. In early 2001, now under the control of an independent MG Rover, saw an entry level model called 1.6i, with unsurprisingly a 1.6 litre K series engine delivering slightly less performance but better emissions and economy than the 1.8i model. Then at the top of the range was the new Trophy 160SE model with a tweaked VVC engine that delivered 160ps (158bhp). MGF production finished at the end of 2001 and then the TF arrived in January 2002 with a four model line up, 115 (1.6, 113bhp), 120 Stepspeed (1.8, 118bhp), 135 (1.8, 134bhp) and 160 (1.8, 158bhp).

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