Midget Clutch, Gearbox & Axle

Clutch, Gearbox & Axle

For all your MG Midget's clutch, gearbox, and axle needs, look no further than MGOC Spares. We offer an extensive catalogue of high-quality components to ensure your MG Midget operates at its best. From clutch kits and flywheels to gear linkages and differential parts, our selection is carefully curated to provide reliable and precise solutions for your vehicle. MkII The Gearbox was the same as that of the earlier model, however, from engine numbers 10CC-DA-H4642 and 10CC-DA-L2356 the gear tooth profile was changed from “A” series to “B” series which were not interchangeable. MkIII The spring-type clutch found on the MkII was replaced with a smaller 6.5” diameter diaphragm clutch operated hydraulically from a dedicated master cylinder. The gearbox remained unchanged on HAN9/GAN4 except that the gear level was now black to match the cowl. 1500 A single plate diaphragm spring clutch of 7.25” was fitted with a ball race release bearing. The gearbox was based on that used in the Morris Marina and comprised three main cast iron casings – bell housing, gear enclosure and tail housing. Synchromesh was now available for all 4 forward gears.

Clutch, Gearbox & Axle
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