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Maintain optimal engine temperature with our Cooling category for MGF & MG TF vehicles. This section offers everything necessary to keep your engine cool and running efficiently. From radiators to thermostats and cooling fans, our products are designed to prevent overheating and ensure your engine's longevity. Ideal for both routine maintenance and emergency repairs, our cooling components are selected for their effectiveness and durability. Keep your vehicle cool under pressure with our comprehensive cooling solutions. The MGF and TF cooling system has over twice the volume of a FWD saloon using the same engine but it follows a complex route. The cooling system employed is the by-pass type, allowing coolant to circulate around the engine while the thermostat is closed. This prevents temperature build up in the cylinder head prior to the thermostat opening. When cold, the thermostat closes off the coolant feed from the radiator outlet. Coolant is able to circulate through the bypass and heater circuits, returning back to the engine via the thermostat bulb. The radiator positioned at the front of the vehicle is a copper/brass cross-flow type with moulded plastic end tanks. The radiator is mounted in rubber bushes; the bottom of the radiator is located in the front body member, and the top is located in the bonnet locking platform.

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