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Prioritize safety and performance with our Brakes category for MGF & MG TF vehicles. This section covers all aspects of your braking system, offering everything from brake pads and discs to complete kits. Our products are selected for their effectiveness in providing reliable stopping power and durability. Whether you're looking for routine maintenance parts or performance upgrades, our brakes ensure your safety on every journey. Brakes on all mainstream MGFs were the same with 240mm vented discs clamped by slider calipers up front and 240mm diameter solid discs at the rear clamped by a slider caliper that also contained the handbrake mechanism. ABS was standard on the VVC models and optional on all others, although one notable exception was the 2001 Trophy 160 SE model where it was simply not available. The Trophy 160 was a hard edged limited edition model focussed on track day performance and the brakes were very different with the front discs being much larger 304mm diameter discs clamped by bright red AP Racing four pot (piston) calipers with very bold MG branding. MGTF The 160 used a 16” wheel size in the 11 spoke design, which was an extra cost option on other models. These 11 spoke wheels were specifically designed to accommodate the standard on 160, (optional ‘Sportpack 2’ on others), large 304mm diameter vented front discs that were clamped by bright red MG branded AP Racing four pot calipers. Note whilst being optional on other models this didn’t extend to most base 115 models, only LE specials. These brakes are really effective when compared to the mainstream models' front brakes that use slider calipers over 240mm diameter vented discs, more than adequate for normal use, but simply not as effective as MG’s AP Racing sourced brakes. ABS was standard on 120 and 160 TF models throughout the whole production period whilst other models saw ABS as an option until 2004 when ABS was standardised on all models.

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