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Keep your MG Midget's engine running smoothly with our high-quality cooling components. At MGOC Spares, we offer a comprehensive range of cooling solutions, meticulously designed to ensure optimal engine temperature and performance. From radiators and coolant hoses to water pumps and thermostats, our cooling components are made from top-grade materials for enhanced durability and efficiency. MkII Due to expansion and contraction, flexing of the radiator top tank occurred. To combat this, an extra stiffening flute was added. This improved the issue but didn’t resolve it. In 1965 an optional oil cooler became available. The seven-row radiator was mounted to the bottom of the air intake. Blanking grommets were fitted if an oil cooler wasn’t. Oil was pumped from the rear outlet, through the oil cooler and into the filter. There was no thermostatic control unit but there was a blanking plate available in front of the cooler for cold winter conditions. MkIII The 1275cc engine utilised much the same as the 1098cc but now with a six-blade steel fan and a smaller cross-flow radiator. The radiator and expansion tank has a reduced water capacity but operated at a higher pressure. 1500 The cooling system for the home market contained 4.3 litres. The radiator was contained within a black-painted steel cowling much like that used on earlier models. The expansion tank was fitted on the right-hand front corner of the engine compartment and had a 15lb pressure cap. An orange seven-blade plastic fan was also fitted.

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