MGB Clutch, Gearbox & Axle

Clutch, Gearbox & Axle

All MGB's came with either a 4-speed manual gearbox (with optional overdrive) or an automatic transmission in the car. From 1962 – 1967 the manual was a 4 speed 3 synchromesh gearbox with optional Laycock De Normanville “D-Type” overdrive. This was changed in 1967 to the “All synchromesh” gearbox with optional Laycock “LH-Type” overdrive. In 1967 an automatic gearbox was introduced into the car, this being a Borg-Warner Type 35 3 speed automatic, but due to a very low take up was dropped in 1973. The clutch fitted to all MGB’s (apart from automatic transmission) was an 8” single dry plate spring clutch, hydraulically operated by a Lockheed clutch master cylinder. The original rear axle was the “Banjo” type, this was a one-piece casing with a differential carrier bolted onto the front. In 1965 with the introduction of the MGB GT car, the “Tube” style axle was also introduced. Housing a central differential and removable rear cover. This axle was fitted to all MGB GT’s and phased in to the MGB roadster during spring of 1967 from where onwards all MGB roadsters also used the Tube style axle. Two functional parts, such as an engine crankshaft and a transmission or transaxle input gear, can be connected and disconnected by a clutch. Typically, a gearbox is used to increase the torque and reduce the speed between an input shaft and an output shaft. To keep your MGB operating smoothly and sounding great, we make sure all of our clutches and gearboxes are up to the highest standards.

Clutch, Gearbox & Axle
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