MG ZR ZS ZT & Modern

Here you can find our selection of MG ZR/ZS/ZT & Modern SAIC MG components. MG ZR: Produced at the Longbridge plant in Birmingham from 2001 – 2005, the MG ZR was a “Hot Hatch” version of the popular Rover 25. Featuring a multitude of styling modifications and performance upgrades, such as sports suspension and louder less baffled exhaust. MG ZS: Built by MG Rover between 2001 & 2005 the MG ZS was marketed as a “sporty” family car. It was essentially a tuned & facelifted version of the Rover 45. The latter had its origins in the Rover 400 which was derived from the Honda Domani. MG ZT: Produced from 2001 to 2005, the MG ZT was available as a saloon or estate (Known as the MG ZT-T). Based upon the Rover 75 the MG ZT had some noticeable modifications including wheels, tyres, body styling and was intended as a sportier version of the Rover 75. Modern MGs: Since the takeover by Nanjing Automotive and the merger with SAIC Motor Corporation, MG Motor has been given a new lease of life with models such as the MG4, MG ZS & MG5. With growing popularity and demand, we are seeing more and more modern MGs on British roads.

MG ZR ZS ZT & Modern
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