Standard Multishim Head Gasket- MGF&TF LVQ000090MSG

HGF1/ HGF2 Comprises: MLS Gasket set (Std LVQ000090MSG or VVC LVQ000100MSG), Land Rover Reinforced Lower Rail (LCN000140L)/ Set of 10 OEM Stretch Bolts (WAM2293K) / Cam Shaft Locking Tool (Z070). HGF1/HG2 equivalent to ZUA000080 or ZUA000530. Components may be purchased individually.

K Series Engine Servicing Product Advisory- There are specific guidelines in the MG Rover R.A.V.E (Rover Advanced Viewing Environment) workshop manual documentation in respect of engine serviceability which must be followed when carrying out K series engine servicing. Specifically engine liner height requirements and head surface integrity must be checked to confirm serviceability prior to gasket change and recommended torque settings followed. Replacement of the head gasket (of any type) outside of specified tolerances is not recommended. Please Note the original MG Rover documentation does not take into account the SAIEC (MG Motor) uprated N series engine through bolts which have different torque settings please contact your specialist supplier for advice.

Use LCJ000050SHIM Cylinder Liner Shim Savers (Set Of 4) in instances where cylinder liners are found to have sunk below tolerance (0.002-0.0004)