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MGOC Spares Ltd Swavesey Cambridge CB24 4QZ

VAT 393293368 Reg:1931679

MG Accessories Section..

MGOC-SPARES > MG Accessories  > CASTROL > Fuel Additive

Castrol Valvemaster Plus Octane Boost NCA Castrol Valvemaster Plus Octane Boost NCA

The best protection after lead. Phosphorus based chemistry provides the best protection against valve seat recession after lead in all driving conditions. One 250ml bottle treats 250 Litres of fuel. Complete with an octane boost to raise the rating of unleaded petrol to the required level for all MG's; so no re-tune is required.

Comes individually; or 6 for the price of 5 and also 12 for the price of 10.
Cars which require to run on 95 octane fuel require the standard Valvemaster.


MGOC-SPARES > MG Accessories  > CASTROL > Fuel Additive