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MGOC Spares Ltd Swavesey Cambridge CB24 4QZ

VAT 393293368 Reg:1931679

MG Accessories Section..

MGOC-SPARES > MG Accessories  > WHEELS > Wheel Trims & Extras

Foot Pump Foot Pump
High performance pump for fast action and high volume. Gauge marked 0-100 psi and 0-7 bar. Fitted with connector for car and most bike tyres; plus nozzle for air beds; etc. 

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Price:    £22.75 Including  VAT at 20%

Quick Fix Tyre Inflator 300ml A093 Quick Fix Tyre Inflator 300ml A093
Simple solution to a flat tyre - seals and inflates in minutes! Safe for cars with tyre sensors; requires no tools or jacks. Quantity in can suitable for tyre on any MG. 

nano8 Alloy wax nano8 Alloy wax
The most advanced cleaner and protector for wheels. Uses advanced polymer technology to bond to the wheel; seals and protects leaving a highly polished surface. 500ml bottle. 

Price:    £12.95 Including  VAT at 20%

Tyre Flat Spot Protectors W590 Tyre Flat Spot Protectors W590

Flat Spot Protectors, are designed to reduce stress to the side wall’s of your tyres and prevent cracking. Flat Spot Protectors increase the tyre contact area and spread vehicle load as well as offering an effective chock which avoids the need to apply the handbrake.
Flat Spot Protectors are intended to extend tyre life and are an inexpensive yet useful aid for winter storage.


Price:    £12.95 Including  VAT at 20%

MGOC-SPARES > MG Accessories  > WHEELS > Wheel Trims & Extras