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Reminder Sticker 4 pack

Reminder Sticker 4 pack


Many owners bemoan the abolition of the paper tax disc as it provided a useful cue for owners to not only renew their road fund license but also as an implicit reminder of the vehicles MOT and insurance renewal.

In December 2016 the BBC reported that vehicle clamping for unpaid tax in the UK had risen by 80% since the scrapping of the paper tax disc in October 2014, to over 9000 vehicles per month. This figure doesnt include fines brought about by any one of the UKs network of 8000 automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR) located on our public highways or the serving of fixed penalty fines and/or vehicle seizures by police officers and appointed government agencies for unpaid road tax which undoubtedly has risen following the abolition of the paper tax disc.

MGOC Spares are pleased to help MG owners keep within UK law and avoid fines with the introduction of a MG Reminder Sticker. The discreet self-adhesive sticker has been designed to be affixed to the drivers side door shut and comprises line entries for Road Tax or SORN date, MOT expiry, insurer name and renewal date.

Price: 3.02 / 3.63 / US $3.26 (Including VAT at 20% except $ price)