10 - Gearbox - 5 Speed Conversion Kit - Quickshift G816Q

1500 left hand drive The Type 9 Sierra gearbox is not part of the kit but can be supplied reconditioned from stock.

The vehicle speedometer will need recalibrating.
Instructions on how to measure the vehicle speedometer characteristics for re-calibration are included.

The Kit Comprises:

  • Cast aluminium Bell Housing.
  • Clutch release lever pivot & bolt.
  • Gasket, Bell Housing to gearbox.
  • Extended spigot bush.
  • Rear rubber gearbox mounting.
  • New gearbox support crossmember.
  • Modified gear lever assembly, precision short shift.
  • New propshaft assembly.
  • Speedo cable/circlip.
  • All bolts & fasteners.
  • Detailed fitting instructions.
  • Loctite (2 types)