16 - Parabolic Rear Spring Kit PSK06

IMPORTANT: Parabolic springs have been designed and developed to provide increased comfort levels when fitted to factory standard and mild tuned vehicles. Where performance significantly exceeds factory levels i.e performance V8s or Supercharged MGBs, there is the potential to wind up and flatten parabolic rear springs; in such instances we would recommend the use of an anti-tramp location kit. Should you wish to fit parabolics on a non-standard application please contact our sales team for more advice + 44 (0)1954 231318
With precise stress distribution throughout their length, the springs can flex to absorb minor impacts while retaining their load bearing capability. Thus ride comfort is greatly improved, and so is handling because of the in conjunction with telescopic rear shock absorbers.greater tyre to road contact achieved. Parabolic spring kits also include fast road urethane rear suspension bushes and must be fitted