Fertan Rust Treatment

Developed in Germany over 30 years ago. Fertan targets rust and then protects the metal to prevent new rust from forming.
Rust is removed by chemical conversion to form a bonded layer of iron tannate, providing a perfect base for painting.
Apply with a brush, sponge or spray directly onto rusted or slightly rusty panel work. Harmless and non-corrosive to all other surfaces with an unlimited shelf life.
Fertan is only active in contact with steel, iron or rust. Eliminates the need to sand, wire brush or acid dip. Fertan is Germany's best selling rust treatment backed by a ten-year guarantee on treated surfaces.
Available in a handy 30ml size ideal for immediate protection after stone-chip damage,
250ml spray enough to protect a pair of MGB front wings and bonnet (3 sq. metres coverage),
500ml size (6 sq meter coverage),
1ltr size for body shell projects (12 sq metres) and a 5ltr commercial workshop use size.