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MGOC Spares Ltd Swavesey Cambridge CB24 4QZ

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Twelve Volt Battery Conversion BCK9 UK only Twelve Volt Battery Conversion BCK9 UK only

MGOC Spares is delighted to offer a reliable and cost effective alternative to the standard twin six-volt batteries fitted to Chrome Bumper MGB, MGBV8 & MGC models.

The new twelve volt, 50Amp/hr battery is designed to fit within the existing six volt battery cradle requiring no modification.

The battery’s modern polypropylene design incorporates through wall connections plus envelope separation for reduced internal resistance and enhanced starting performance.

Designed to hold a charge for longer, MGOC’s battery conversion is backed by a two year warranty.

The conversion kit comprises

  • 1 Dry Charged 50 Amp/hr 12 volt battery
  • J Bolts
  • Fasteners
  • Clamping bracket,
  • Earth strap
  • Installation instructions

Requires Acid - This can now only be supplied under EPP licence

BATTERY ACID (Electrolyte) Sulphuric Acid.

  • MGOC SPARES supply DRY CHARGED Batteries (not containing acid) via mail order for acid fill at your local garage or battery specialist. (Sulphuric Acid 1.280 SG to be used) MGOC Recommendation: Locate a local garage or battery supply specialist able to fill your new battery(s) prior to ordering from MGOC SPARES.
  • MGOC SPARES continue to supply WET CHARGED Batteries (containing acid) for ‘Over-the counter’ sales at MGOC SPARES/SHOP Swavesey, Cambridge, CB24 4QZ (Prior arrangement required, please call 01954 230928.)
  • Effective 1st July 2018 Sulphuric Acid (Battery Acid) cannot be supplied separately with the exception of EPP current license holders.)

**UK Delivery ONLY


Price:    £119.95 Including  VAT at 20%

Accumate Battery Charger Accumate Battery Charger
Battery Charger and Conditioner 6v and 12v use operates as a normal charger and when full charge is achieved can be left connected in a stored MG for extended periods; float charging the batteries. 

Price:    £39.95 Including  VAT at 20%

MGB Battery Bins MGB Battery Bins
Protect those exposed batteries with durable plastic containers that cradle the batteries. Available for 6 and 12 volt models. Priced individually.

12V For Rubber bumper cars 76 on - original fitment


From    £39.95 Including  VAT at 20%

Type required

Six Volt Dry Battery   UK ONLY D001 Six Volt Dry Battery UK ONLY D001
Original specification battery available from stock. Requires Battery Acid, please click INFO link for more information.


Price:    £74.95 Including  VAT at 20%

Bat-Aid Bat-Aid
Revitalise your Batteries 

Price:    £3.95 Including  VAT at 20%

MGOC-SPARES > MG Accessories  > GENERAL > Batteries