8 - Alternator - Exchange 37H2245E

AC (external regulator) type. MGCs were originally equipped with 16AC or 16ACR alternators. The most obvious visual difference between the two is the location of the regulator ('control box'). On AC-equipped cars the regulator is attached to the car body and the alternator has a black plastic moulding which only covers half of the back of the unit. - By contrast, the ACR type alternator contains its own regulator, hidden within a full-width cover on the back of the unit. Parts with which to rebuild AC type alternators are increasingly hard to come by, and it is sometimes now more effective in time and money to replace a malfunctioning AC alternator with a later ACR type, by-passing the then-redundant AC alternator's regulator in the car at the same time and converting the car's wiring harness with a GEU250 Euro termination kit to enable the ACR alternator to be plugged in. This process is not entirely straight forward, requiring a fair degree of knowledge of car charging circuit wiring systems. If the description above sets fear in your heart you should entrust the conversion work to a well recommended auto electrician.