Styling Lamp 11 LED pair  M170

Styling Lamp 11 LED pair M170

Daylight Running Lamps and Styling Lamps greatly improve the visibility of your car to other road users and are now mandatory for all new vehicles produced after February 2011.
You are now able to bring your MG up todate for safer motoring.

Daylight Running Lamps are wired through a relay, turning on with the ignition and switching off when the vehicles lights are turned on.

The Styling Lamps are supplied without relay; we suggest you wire these up to yourside light circuit to provide improved visibility both day and night.

A pair of lamps with universal mounting plates can be located where preferred, or as shown in the photo.
M170 STYLING LAMPS 11 LED PAIRDimensions: L.110mm W.30mm D.30mm