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MGOC Spares very own, Martin Bentley recently undertook a challenging repair to the rear of axle of his MGA, which had suffered the common complaint of leaking axle oil into the rear hubs. Having first ruled out the obvious as being either a failed oil seal, O ring and/or paper gasket, he traced the leak to a groove worn on the axle journal, and undertook a successful repair referring to the original factory work manual.

He said the job ‘certainly wasn’t a simple fix, but I followed the guidance, took my time and I am delighted with the outcome.'

Having first ruled out that the cause of the leak isn’t due to a damaged or worn O ring, failed gasket or bent half shaft, the problem of a leaking rear banjo axle may be diagnosed due to a groove worn into the hub seal contact area of the journal. The information below is given as guidance in the fitting of Speedi Sleeves to undertake repair of Banjo axle hub journals which have worn and for which the hub oil seal is no longer able to provide integrity. Speedi Sleeves are designed to achieve a cost-effective, in-situ repair of the axle and comprise a single 0.010” repair ring and protective cup for transportation. When carrying out a Speedi Sleeve repair to the rear axle you are advised to use the guidance below in conjunction with the original Factory Workshop Manual.

Please note Speedi Sleeves are fragile and susceptible to damage during handling.  They should only be installed by a competent mechanic.  Warranty is limited to manufacturing defect only, for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.  No warranty will be given if the failure of the product has been caused by misuse, improper handling and or incorrect installation.  For our full warranty terms please see our website. 


Additional Items Required

MGA / MGB Midget  
ATB7354  ATA7225 O Ring Seal 1/2 Shaft 
GFG115 GFG110  Gasket 1/2 Shaft 
GHS211 GHS147 Oil Seal Rear Hub Banjo
1G7448 2A7103 Nut, Rear Axle Hub (RH Thread)
1G7582 1G3584 Nut, Rear Axle Hub (LH Thread)
18G152B 18G152A Box Spanner - Rear Hub



Diagnosing the problem

The photo below shows a grooved wear line around the journal on which the hub bearing oil seal sits. The worn surface allows oil into the brake drum area. The Speedi Sleeve provides a smooth surface on which the oil seal can rotate. If you cannot detect wear on the axle journal, check and replace the O Ring (MGA/MGB ATB7354 & Midget ATA7225), the paper gasket (MGA & MGB GFG115 & Midget GFG110) and the Oil Seal (MGA & MGB GHS211 & Midget GHS147) inside the bearing housing). These items should be replaced and fitted correctly in any event when installing a Speedi Sleeve.


Fitting the Speedi Sleeve

Step 1
After thoroughly cleaning the journal start by gently easing the sleeve on. The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” couldn’t be truer in this situation because you will have to devise a tool that slides over the sleeve and presses against the upturned collar. I used a robust cooling hose with a large jubilee clip as strengthening support.  A small piston ring compressor would also work well, but take care not to scratch or distort the surface of the Speedi Sleeve. Once the sleeve is eased on, apply a small amount of Blue Hylomar in the area between the axle housing and the sleeve to prevent internal leakage after installation.
NB. If the groove is substantial, it may be necessary to fill it with cold weld compound such as Araldite or JB weld before fitting the Speedi Sleeve.


Step 2
Being careful not to scratch or distort, drift with an appropriate device into position. The front edge of the sleeve needs to finish just behind the stepped section where the journal starts. The inner race of the hub bearing will press up against the step and must not foul the sleeve.


Step 3
This shows the back edge (upturned collar) of the sleeve being removed in order not to obstruct the rotating hub. You will see that the backplate is now removed and this is to get access to the rear of the sleeve. Again, be careful not to scratch the sleeve! Using thin cutting pliers snip through the upturned collar, then with pliers pull the cut edge up with a twisting motion and the collar will break off along the perforated line.
The journal now has a smooth surface on which the new oil seal can rotate. Remember to apply some grease to the sleeve surface and to the new lip seal when assembling. Also remember to renew the O ring, paper gasket and hub bearing seal.


Step 4
Speedi Sleeve repair complete. Check brake shoes for contamination and replace where necessary referring to the factory workshop manual.



Fig. shows Box nut hub spanners for servicing MGA & B (18G152B) & Midget (18G152A) hub assemblies


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