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MGB Sebring Body Styling In 1964 MG entered the 12-hour Florida International Grand Prix of Endurance at Sebring, akin to endurance races at Le Mans, Nürburgring and Targa Florio, these longer events presented manufacturers with an opportunity to give a new sports car instant street cred and a boost to sales, subject to success of course! Three MGBs were entered in the 1964 race by British Motor Car company dealer, Kjell Qvale with support provided by the British Motor Corporation Competitions department in the guise of engines and bespoke lightweight panels, comprising wings with flared arches, aluminium bonnets and boot lids, hardtops, and valances fitted to reduce overall weight, improve downforce and reduce drag. To further improve aerodynamic efficiency, clear plastic covers were fitted over the headlights. The cars were finished with white stripes and shod with either heavy duty wire wheels or American Racing magnesium alloy wheels. Quick release bonnet pins were also fitted to speed up pit stops, and flip top Le Mans style petrol caps supplied two petrol tanks for extended range. Of the three cars entered by Qvale, two finished the race, No. 48 placing 22nd and No. 47 placing in a very credible 17th place, the performance was good enough to secure 3rd and 4th in the two litre GT Class behind factory Porsche entries. Entering Sebring in 1964 undoubtedly boosted sales for MG in the USA, ever since Sebring MGBs have held a special place in the hearts of MG enthusiasts. MGOC Spares offers a full range of spares & accessories to help you to achieve your own Sebring evocation.

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